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Self Storage Freedom  v.1.01

Nature. Uncluttered. Freedom. Freedom follows control and overview over your own environment. Simplify and unclutter your life: store what you don't need now for the day of tomorrow. Serie of beautiful nature photos.

SubSync  v.1.5

With this new version you can choice the format of the name : title of the serie or title of the

Ethovision Paste Track  v.1.0

The goal of EPT is to get track representations from the clipboard (put there by Ethovision) and to automatically save the serie of images while incrementing a value in their

HTML2JSS  v.0.91

This is a JavaScriptStream generator.I consider it as a professionnal tool that target webmasters.It convert HTML formatted document to a serie of JavaScript text output commands.It is a good tool to help write

HMI User Control  v.1

(EN)The goal of the User Control project is to make few User Controls to interface PLC system to HMI application build Under Win32. Every cooperation will be very appreciated. (IT) L'obiettivo del progetto e' quello di realizzare una serie di

Linux Communication  v.1.06

La biblioteca LnxComm esta diseñada para brindar un apoyo a los programadores que estén relacionados con el diseño y construccion de hardware. LnxComm nos permite crear una conexion con el puerto serie mediante unas pocas lineas de

Pru-pra-prok : a cartoon visioner.  v.1.0

Make your own cartoons with Pru-Pra-Prok!This cartoon editor will be given with an example : *** a 20-minutes video of a parody of the South Park serie

Scanjet HP5400 family sane backend  v.5400.20030526

This project aims to build a SANE backend (driver) for the HP Scanjet 5400 serie scanner (HP5400c, HP5470c etc..). For information about SANE software visit their website

MAEstream  v.1.0

maestream is a serie of abstractions, to make more easily the use of PureData for multimedia purposes. maestream is recommended for Pd-extended users

Xml database analysis tools  v.1.0

xmldbtools propose a serie of tools to manage and analysis asynchronous and heterogeneous time stamped data stored in a native xml database.

Kooc  v.1.0

Programa que a partir de una serie de ingredientes introducidos por el usuario, genera una lista de recetas que pueden ser cocinadas con todos o parte de los alimentos dados.

Legend of the Seeker RPG  v.1.0

A mini role play game based on the story and character of the tv serie "Legend of the Seeker".

Doctor Who Game  v.1.0

This is a RPG based on the Doctor Who english serie. You are the Doctor and travel through time & maps using your TARDIS (TIme & Relative Dimentions In Space). You solve puzzles and complete quests.

Rudi Rabe - The Game  v.1.0

"Braindead" (Arbeitstitel) ist ein Spiel zur beliebten Flash Cartoon Serie "Rudi Rabe" von mit Original-Stimmen.

Shadowrun PostNuke Online Resources  v.1.0

Este proyecto pretende crear una serie de mdulos para el sistema PostNuke basados en el juego de rol Shadowrun. Generadores de personajes, bases de datos de hechizos, armas, material, etc... y sistemas de juego Online.

La scommessona!  v.1.0

La scommessona! un semplice gioco dove si pronosticano ogni giornata i risultati di tutte le partite di serie A (o di altre serie) e, a fine campionato, chi ha indovinato pi risultati vince la gloria di essere il miglior scommettitore.

BoutonSANE a SANE scanner button monitor  v.1.0

BoutonSANE is another SANE button daemon monitor for unix,supporting all scanners already supported by the inactive scannerbuttond, all the scanners supported by the limited KScannerButton, and all epkowa scanner from EPSON (Perfection Serie).

GPUMatrix  v.1.0

A class/library which uses the graphic card for linear algebra. Warning : you will need a GeForce 8 serie to take profit of this class.

Tarna Port Control  v.1.0

Tarna es un sistema para control del puerto Serie (por ahora) que tiene dos implementaciones:1. Tarna Terminal: Es un clasico terminal serie muy facil e instuitivo.2. Tarna Byte Control: Es un programa que permite enviar datos pero en formato de byte.

Am_utils  v.0.5.3

una serie di piccoli/grandi script e programmini di supporto alla vita linux e la sua shell. * acpiStat (visualizza stato alimentazione batteria e risorse memoria) * (script bash di backup per partizioni LVM con supporto ...

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